Mountbatten Lodge, Ranakpur, India

Scenes of Delhi’s buzzing streets of passing tuks tuks or the speeding dabbawallas racing to deliver lunches in Mumbai, can make one overlook India’s more tranquil destinations. After a few days of sensory overload in India’s Golden Triangle, a venture to the “Land of Kings” provides a stark contrast with its peaceful Lake Pichola in Udaipur, tucked away Jain temples of Ranakpur, or even a 4-Villa retreat high in the lush mountains in route to Jodhpur, where Mountbatten Lodge can be found.

While the rest of India showcases progress of new industry and development, owner of India Safari Club and this new emerging lodge, Reggie Singh, strives for “nothing recreated or cosmetic,” just the true Rajasthan. Experience the luxury of a traditional safari with treks in search of leopards on horseback or riding an elephant. And if 4-wheels is more your speed, jump on a guided jeep through the Kumbalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary.

Back on property, take in the luxurious amenities and services, which are provided by the local Rathore clan, established in 1459. Feast on an authentic menu of delicacies, dining among vintage furnishings and decor, and choose to unwind in the cigar room or with a soak in their private plunge pools.

City2Location: Ranakpur, Rajasthan

Airport2 Airport: Maharana Pratap Airport (UDR)- 4.9 mi from hotel or Jodhpur Airport (JDH, JOH)- 112 mi from hotel

Walking Distance2 Walking Distance From: Jain Temple and Kumbal Garth Wildlife Sanctuary

Pet-Friendely2 Pet-Friendly: Accommodating

pool2 On-site Amenities: Individual private pools and in-room spa treatments

Dream it, Book it, Live it. 

# of Rooms #of Rooms: 4 Villas

Hotel Style Star Rating: 4 Stars

Starting Rates2 Staring Rate: $495 USD per night

Tourism icon (142) Dinning: Meals provided by private chef

WiFi Wifi: Currently unavailable on property

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