With all the buzz around the Baubax Travel Jacket’s Kickstarter campaign becoming the most funded clothing project in the history of crowdfunding, we wondered what other cool travel projects might be brewing on the site. Turns out, there’s a healthy dose of wanderlust among the creative folks making things happen on Kickstarter. From next-generation airplane pillows to a hotel restoration project, here are 8 travel-minded projects on Kickstarter we think you’ll want to back.

  • The worlds best travel jacket
  • JetComfty travel pillow

1. Baubax Travel Jacket

It’s easy to see why the Baubax Travel Jacket is the most funded clothing project in the history of crowdfunding. The 15-feature piece looks like a normal hoodie, windbreaker, bomber, or blazer, but comes tricked out with a built-in neck pillow, eye mask, gloves, earphone holders, drink sleeve, and maybe even more pockets than you’ll be able to fill up with your passport, sunglasses, and devices. CNN Money called it the “Swiss Army knife of travel wear” and we have to agree. The project has already been (way) more than fully supported on Kickstarter, so now all you have to do is order your jacket and plan an excuse to wear it.

The BauBax Jacket

2. Libertad Travel Shirt

Libertad Apparel seeks to “elevate your travel experience by combining style and performance”. We couldn’t sympathize more with their motivation to create this travel shirt: that most fashionable clothing can’t handle the rigors of travel, but most made-for-travel clothing makes you look like you’re on safari—even if you’re in Paris. The game-changing Merino wool men’s shirt is stain resistant, UV protective, durable, versatile, and stylish. Libertad is just a bit short of its fundraising goal, so pledge now if you’re in need of a travel wardrobe makeover.

Travel Shirt by Libertad

3. JetComfy Travel Pillow

Anyone who’s ever been stuck trying to get some sleep in the middle seat should consider supporting this project—and supporting your head with a Jet Comfy travel pillow. With 16 features including 2 USB chargers, a washable microfleece cover, memory foam cushion, earbud storage, and penlight, the portable sleep system looks kind of like a pillow on a selfie stick. It clips onto your armrest, extends to your neck and supports your head so you can snooze comfortably. They haven’t reached their goal on Kickstarter yet, so back it now if you want to get some shuteye with the “Best. Pillow. Ever.”

JetComfty travel pillow 551z429

4. Mari Cla Ro ANC Airplane Leather Carry-On Bag

Ever wonder how airplane seats can endure the strain of so many butts without falling apart? It’s because they’re made of super-durable rip-stop leather—and now your carry-on bag is too. That is, if you pick up one of Mari Cla Ro’s sustainable duffels made from repurposed Alaska Airlines seats. The bags, which are “guaranteed for another million air miles” were brought to life through backers on Kickstarter, and are now available for $199.

The Alaskan Bag

5. Sketch the World

“Your travels, painted”—that’s the mission of Shaina Kay Stinard, a South Carolina-based artist who is combining her passion for art and lack of time to travel in a book and 2016 calendar called Sketch the World. She uses pen and ink with a watercolor wash to create a unique rendition of your most treasured vacation memories, from a Golden Gate Bridge selfie to the Prague Castle steps. The project was fully funded in less than 72 hours, but with a pledge you can still join the journey and get your travel photo a place in the book.


6. SeatSnoozer Neck Support

Those looking for a totally different way to catch some Z’s at 30,000 feet might appreciate the SeatSnoozer. The support system is a “better alternative to neck pillows” that wraps around the head, with an anchor in back that keeps you from flopping over onto the shoulder of the person sitting next to you. This father-and-son designed project was already completely backed on Kickstarter and is now in production for $26.95 each.

Seat Snoozer

7. Raphael Quality Goods Co. The ROAM Passport Wallet

Handcrafted out of a single piece of laser-cut leather, the ROAM Passport Wallet from Raphael Quality Goods Co. is a design-conscious way to stash your travel essentials. The slim wallet holds a passport, ID, credit card, and–we love this feature–a pen for filling out immigration forms. The functional simplicity of this premium piece has attracted more than 70 backers, who have already funded the project twice-over. Pledge your support to get a premium monogrammed version for your next trip.

ROAM Passport Wallet

8. Jennings Hotel

Jennings Hotel, “The Hotel That Kickstarter Built” is the pet project of Greg Hennes, who is putting his heart and soul into restoring the historic Jennings building on Main Street in the mountain town of Joseph, Oregon (the West’s best-kept secret). His team of designers and craftspeople are transforming each dusty room into thoughtful accommodations—including a sauna. The time-honored hotel is being revived through a fully backed Kickstarter project, but you can still support the venture by being the first to spend the night there.

Dream it, Book it, Live it

The Jennings Hotel

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