The holidays are the travel season that sees the most hustle and bustle, but the rules of holiday travel are changing fast. Hassles that you thought were inevitable (like clearing airport security, lugging a heavy suitcase, and renting a car) now disappear as fast as your grandma’s sweet potato pie, thanks to these five headache-saving travel apps. Sorry, there’s not yet an app that spares you from having to pose for a family photo while your uncle tries to figure out how to use his new iPad, but these five apps definitely will get you home for the holidays stress-free.

1. Car Rental: Silvercar

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Never play rental car roulette again–and while you’re at it skip all the counters, lines, paperwork, and hassle of renting a car. Just download the Silvercar app, scan the windshield at one of their 11 major U.S. airport locations, and hit the road happy every time in a silver Audi A4. Each one comes fully-loaded with free wi-fi, satellite radio, toll tracking, and GPS.

2. Airport Security: Clear

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Clear airport security in less than five minutes during the busiest travel time of the year? That’s CLEAR’s promise—and it will only take you as long to enroll online and never have to wait in line again. Their dedicated, member-only lanes currently speed individual, family, and business travelers through security at 13 of the country’s most hectic airports, with more on the way.

3. Baggage: DUFL

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If you’ve ever wanted a personal valet, consider the DUFL app your wish granted. DUFL allows frequent corporate travelers to store their business attire in a virtual closet, then ‘pack’ by selecting what they need for a particular trip. Your fresh n’ clean suit and shined shoes will meet your at your destination so you never have to lug a bag through the airport or wait at baggage claim again.

4. Group Travel: Find My Friends

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When the plane is boarding and you have no idea what corner of the airport your family members have wandered off to, save the stress of trying to herd cats (i.e. relatives) with the Find My Friends app. Like a marauder’s map for group travel, you can pinpoint just where your directionally-challenged aunt is, or exactly how much time you have until your in-laws ring the doorbell for dinner.

Find my friends app

5. Flight-Tracking: FlightBoard

Download the app for Android or iPhone

FlightBoard not only takes the strain out of tracking flights, it takes the strain out of flight-tracking apps. Their straightforward, easily-to-digest design displays real-time arrival and departure information for more than 1,400 airlines traveling between more than 3,000 airports, with an old-school interface based on the flight board at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Dream it, Book it, Live it. 

Flight Board App

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