“I haven’t been everywhere; but it’s on my list.” If this thought from writer Susan Sontag rings true for you, chances are you’ve got wanderlust—that unscratchable itch to explore the world. How about those who travel constantly because they hate having their lives, in the words of travel writer Caskie Stinnett, “disrupted by routine”? Also guilty. And if you already knew both of these travel quotes (and can rattle off a few more), you’re definitely an incurable case. Luckily, you’re in good company at BookitLyst; we also firmly believe that “not all who wander are lost” (OK, last one, we swear). So embrace your travelin’ heart, and scroll through for 17 more signs that you have wanderlust.

1. You start every story with “this one time in Marrakesh/Bangkok/Buenos Aires…”

2. All of your romantic fantasies involve a stranger with an accent.

3. You have more travel-sized cosmetics than full-sized ones.

4. You regularly use “the Everywhere search” feature on SkyScanner.com

5. You’ve missed a return flight on purpose.

6. You have your passport number and the current TSA regulations memorized.

7. You’ve had to apply for extra pages for your passport.

8. You have a tattoo in a foreign language.

9. You know exactly how many days (not to mention hours and minutes) until your next vacation.

10. You’ve just never identified with the concept of “home sweet home”.

11. Your comfort zone is only limited by no-fly zones.

12. You won’t buy any clothes that get wrinkled.

13. You know how to say, “Where is the bathroom?” in more than 5 languages.

14. You have one map marked with pins for all the places you’ve traveled to, and another for all the places you want to travel to.

15. You would probably need to be cryogenically frozen to live long enough to check off every destination on your bucket list.

16. You start thinking about your next trip before the plane touches down from your current one.

17. Your Instagram feed is more full of travelers than friends. Here are a few of our travel friends to start following on instagram.

Dream it, Book it, Live it. 

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