Get most of your travel inspiration from Instagram? So do we. Our daily Instagram feed features intrepid travelers we just love to highlight for their motivating shots and extreme lengths to uncover unique destinations. If your own feed is in need of a refresh for 2016 then these 16 nomadic Instagrammers will do just the wanderlust trick. Make sure to share your own adventures and get on our radar by tagging #bookitlyst.

1. @corrine_t

Corrine Thiessen may have a serious job by day being a nurse, but she doesn’t miss out on all the fun.  Here’s one gal who is not going to skip out on her PTO, as evident in her feed filled with picturesque snap shots from Alberta, Canada to Nairobi, Kenya. She’s beat us to some of our own bucket list destinations, including Giraffe Manor.

Corrine_T intstagram

2. @sean_ensch_images

We admire Sean Ensch’s skill with a wide angel lens capturing horizons around the world. From mountain ranges, endless highways or just the sea, his photographs show the limitless possibilities in travel. Followers can indulge in his water-based shots from Dana Point Harbor, California to Åndalsnes, Norway.

Sean Ensch Instagram

3. @nicoleeddy

Nicole Eddy, a travel and lifestyle blogger, is giving us new relationship goals for 2016. Taking her equally adventurous beau, @mrbenbrown on travel adventures through sand dunes, mountain edges, and waves, we’re left using our imaginations for our next date night.

nicoleeedy instagram

4. @tuulavintage

Australian travel and personal style blogger, Jessica Stein, epitomizes the perfect marriage between passport and travel ensemble. Her feed inspires both our next destination and look, making her a recurring #wcw (#womencrushwednesday).

Tuulavintage instagram

5. @jordanherschel

When we’re fixing for adventure, we look up Jordan Herschel, whose feed has a glut of envy inducing photographs just from his own backyard in Tahoe. We’re easily reminded how beautiful America’s great outdoors can truly be.

Jordan Herschel Instagram

6. @goingawesomeplaces

Where in the world is Will Tang? As a full-time blogger curating travel itineraries from around the world, we can never guess where he’s off too next. Catch one of his destination guides or be inspired his many journeys on Instagram.

going awesome places instagram

7. @goldiehawn_

Katie Goldie’s Instagram feeds gives us the chills, and not in a spooky sort of way. Living in the mountains of Alberta, Canada, or visiting her family cabin in British Columbia, her feed is filled with the best of rural living in extreme cold weather. Whether she’s hiking, skiing, horseback riding, kayaking or with her dog Allie, Katie proves you don’t have to travel far to find adventure.

Goldie Hawn Instagram

8. @Moonmountainman

“Leave only footprints, take only pics” is Jacob Moon’s approach to travel and preserving the experiences he captures. Often his quest for the perfect shot leads him to self-guided hiking tours through the woods or climbing to find new points of views.

MoonMountainman instagram

9. @alexinwanderland

Alexandra Baackes left her job to become a travel writer in 2011. Since then she’s traveled light using her iPhone to capture most of the shots seen on her Instagram feed, which features oceanic scenes and exotic escapes. This is one type of work week we’d never want to end.

Alexinwanderland Instagram

10. @Landlopers

Traveling the world is a luxury in life, and Matt Long dedicates his time to photographing and discovering such premium experiences around the globe. His travels expand to all ends of the earth, from dog sledding in Banff, Canada to exploring the small Greek Island of Santorini, priving luxury travel isn’t just about a 5-star hotel.

landlopers instagram

11. @worldwanderlust

Brooke Saward booked herself a one-way ticket to London after graduating from university and has been exploring the globe ever since. Sharing travel tips and perfecting the perfect shot from Europe to Australia made her a popular feed in the world of travel-grammers.

worldwanderlust instagram

12. @digernes

Photographer, hiker and adventurer, Eskil Digernes, hails from Norway. His feed offers the thrill seeker looking for new destinations to lay camp, a glut of inspiration from Hurrungane, Norway to Ala-Kul lake in Kyrgyzstan.

digernes instagram

13. @mike_pgregory

We’ve long loved following Mike Gregory’s feed, which is filled with lively shots of the outdoors. But recently, this California photographer is boasting like a proud new parent. We don’t blame him, as we are equally obsessed with his new adventure partner @TuolumneJones, a border collie mixed Labrador retriever. We can’t wait to see what mess and fun they’ll get into.


14. @davidprior

Conde Nast Traveler, NY Times T and Vogue have all commissioned David Prior to find the most unique stories around the world. Documenting the people, places and experiences along the way, his feed proves there is no shortage of stories to share, even if at times it’s through photography.

David Prior Instagram

15. @hannes_becker

Looking for an Instagram filled with wilderness, kayaking and camping adventures? Don’t look further, Hannes Becker is the one to fill your feed. His kayaking adventure makes Switzerland look like a winter wonderland.

Hannes Becker Instagram

16. @chardypilot

Paris in the summer, spring, winter or fall are all worth capturing. A global citizen, based in London, Chardy Pilot has easy access to our favorite European cities and his feed reminds us that revisiting some of them can offer a new perspective.

Dream it, Book it, Live it.

chardypilot Instagram
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